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Centre for Accessibility Services

CAS Exam Centre

Exam accommodations enable students to show their knowledge of the course materials when a disability or ongoing medical condition may impact their ability to access exams under standard conditions.

To be eligible for exam accommodations you must be registered with the Centre for Accessibiltity Services (CAS). 

If you are eligible for exam accommodations, you will likely write your exams with the CAS. It is not always possible for your instructor or faculty to arrange exam accommodations within a class setting. 

Exam Accommodation Requests


Complete an Exam Accommodation Request through Accommodate at least 7 days before your exam.

Learn how to submit an Exam Accommodation Request in Accommodate.

Exam Procedure

After making an Exam Booking Request through Accommodate, you will receive a confirmation email from the CAS once the exam details have been reviewed by your instructor. This email will include information about how to prepare for your exam. ‌‌


When a student makes an Exam Accommodation Request, faculty will receive an email asking them to log into Accommodate to review and approve the request as soon as possible. 

Learn how to approve Exam Accommodation Requests in Accommodate.


Exam dates and deadlines

You must make an exam accommodation request at least 7 days before your exam date. This includes quizzes, tests, and exams. 

For final exams, requests must be made by the start of the formal examination period. The CAS will provide a final exam booking deadline to all students each semester. Late requests are not accepted by the online request system (Accommodate). 

Exam Hours

The Centre for Accessibility Services' exam hours are 8:00am to 9:30pm.

Please note that students are generally not expected to write tests beyond 10:00pm. If the test is scheduled where a student's additional time would have them writing beyond 9:30pm (e.g. a 3 hour final exam beginning at 7:00pm), the exam would be scheduled to start earlier to allow for the CAS student's accommodated time (e.g. a 5:00pm start and 9:30pm end time for a student with x 1.5 time accommodation).

Group exam components

Academic accommodations generally do not apply to group components, which are to be written with the class. 

If you have an exam with a group component, please contact your instructor and email as soon as possible to schedule the individual portion of your exam. This will ensure you are provided with enough time to return to class to complete the group component. 

Online Exams

Students with additional time for examinations are responsible for contacting their instructors directly a week before their online quiz, test, or exam to ensure their additional time is provided on Blackboard Collaborate.

Students with accommodations such as a reader and scribe can schedule an online exam with the CAS Exam Centre following the same instructions as an in-person exam. 


Pop quizzes

Pop quizzes can be booked at the CAS Exam Centre by the instructors.

Instructors, please email at least 7 days before the pop quiz to schedule.

Exam Locations

Abbotsford Campus, B214

Chilliwack Campus, A1349

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