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Big Brain Literacy Program

Big Brain Literacy Program (BBLP) is a workshop based program that bridges the gap of financial education for students. BBLP focuses primarily on teaching new international students at the University of the Fraser Valley along with high school students approaching life after graduation. Through BBLP, students are led through interactive workshops that teach them skills on how to budget, save money, and make educated financial decisions.

Learn more about Big Brain Literacy Program.

Fraser Valley AgroConnect

Fraser Valley AgroConnect supports local farmers in three areas: resource gathering, business management, and recruitment. Farmers face severe time constraints that prevent them from searching for information beneficial to daily operations and wellness. Yet, such resources are crucial for the agricultural community in the Fraser Valley to thrive.

Fraser Valley AgroConnect will develop a free web-based interactive platform that alleviates the burden of research by aggregating existing resources offered by governments, public institutions, and non-profit organizations such as grants and upcoming events.

Fraser Valley AgroConnect will also provide additional tools, advice, training and expertise in business management as needs, trends, and current events emerge. This includes social media marketing advice that will empower farmers to strengthen community ties and increase sales. Finally, labour volatility will be addressed by connecting farmers with eager student workers looking to support and learn more about the agriculture industry.

Learn more about Fraser Valley AgroConnect.

Oak & Earth

Oak & Earth is a social enterprise dedicated to helping improve the lives of Indigenous peoples in the Fraser Valley. We market, produce, and sell handcrafted soy candles, then invest a portion of the profits in our partner organization, the Fraser River Indigenous Society (FRIS). This partnership allows us to work closely with the organization to support the Indigenous community.

Our goal is to provide the FRIS with funding and to promote the programs and services they offer to members of their community.

Learn more about Oak & Earth.

Learn more about the Fraser River Indigenous Society.


Wellness Connections

Wellness Connections recognizes that students could achieve greater success at the University of the Fraser Valley by taking a holistic approach to their wellness. Wellness Connections is an online hub that aims to help students navigate the journey to wellness by promoting the wellness resources already offered at UFV. These resources are organized by the seven pillars of wellness including physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, and environmental wellness.

In addition to UFV wellness resources and support, we offer self-help videos and other contents on topics like study advice and managing stress. The project also offers informational blog posts where peer students share their own personal experience and perspectives regarding wellness and share how they successfully navigate them. The project goal is to spread awareness, promote wellness and help students succeed in their studies at UFV.


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