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School of Business

Frequently asked questions


The School of Business offers the following programs. Find more information on the School of Business programs page.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree
  • Aviation – Bachelor of Business Administration degree
  • Agriculture Management – Bachelor of Business Administration degree
  • Trades Management – Bachelor of Business Administration degree
  • Business Administration diploma
  • Business Administration (Aviation) diploma
  • Business Analytics Post-Baccalaureate diploma
  • International Business Post-Baccalaureate diploma
  • Business minor
  • Certificate programs

In third and fourth year of the BBA degree, you get to specialize by choosing from one of five majors, or alternatively you may pursue a general business degree. Each includes tailored courses to refine your skill set.

In third and fourth year of the BBA degree, you can specialize your degree further with four minors to choose from:


The BBA – Aviation requires 34 academic courses totalling 105 credits. In addition to the 105 academic credits, UFV requires Transport Canada certifications and licenses as transfer credit for 15 additional credits for a total of 120 credits for program completion of the BBA - Aviation. Please see the Academic Calendar information on the requirements for the BBA – Aviation.

Students only pay for academic courses at UFV. Please see Fees and Other Costs for information about UFV assessed fees.

Students pay their flight school for the cost of their aviation flight training and credentials. Please note flight training costs vary depending on the flight school. Please contact flight schools regarding flight school training costs.

UFV does not partner with a specific flight school. Instead, UFV focuses on the aviation credential achieved through Transport Canada as opposed to where you took your flight training.

Here is the Transport Canada guidelines for How to Select a Flying School for your perusal.

You can stay with the same flight school through the course of your studies or change flight schools and complete licenses and certifications at more than one flight school.

Yes, UFV accepts licences and ratings credentials achieved through Transport Canada that are completed before applying to UFV.

Students must complete the following fixed wing aviation licenses and certifications in order to graduate from a UFV School of Business Aviation program:

  • Private pilot's licence
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial pilot's licence
  • One of multi-engine rating or instructor rating.

UFV accepts these Transport Canada certifications and licenses as transfer credit for a total of 15 credits towards the BBA – Aviation.

Currently the UFV BBA – Aviation only accepts licenses and certifications for fixed wing, and not rotary wing.

There are several sections offered for UFV first year academic courses required in the BBA – Aviation, while your flight school may have limited scheduling options for training. We recommend for students to book flight school training, and then plan to register for UFV academic courses required for the BBA – Aviation that do not conflict with their flight school training schedule.

When planning your academic courses, please remember to book sufficient travel time between your flight school training and academic courses.

Please see the Academic Calendar information on the program outline for course requirements for the BBA – Aviation.

For the steps and tutorials for UFV course registration, please see How to Register.


View the Bachelor of Business Administration entrance requirements in the UFV Academic Calendar.

How to apply

 Info for domestic or landed students:

Canadian students and landed immigrants apply online. To receive a letter of acceptance, be sure to submit all required documents.

 Info for international students:

International students apply online. Simply follow the steps to apply, where you will find links to the online application. Note that you cannot receive an official letter of acceptance until you have submitted all required documents, and paid your fees.

For more information on how to register in classes see the Office of the Registrar.


 Info for domestic or landed students:

If you are a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of Canada, you will pay domestic tuition fees. View information about fees and living costs

 Info for international students:

International students pay for tuition per semester (not for the whole program). View international tuition and fees information for a breakdown of your fees per semester, or an estimate of your fees on an annual basis.

 Info for domestic or landed students:

Reminder: Domestic students are not able to pay for tuition and other semester related fees by credit card. See below for ways to pay.

Online banking or telebanking

Pay by online banking or telebanking through your bank or credit union. Check with your branch for details and/or to arrange access. Select University of the Fraser Valley as the payee and use your student ID number as your account number.

If paying by online banking, please allow enough time before the deadline for the payment to be processed by your banking institution. You may also pay your deposit in advance of your registration date and time.

In person

Pay tuition at any Office of Registrar using cash, cheque, money order, bank draft, Passport to Education, or debit card. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.

If paying by debit, contact your bank to ensure your daily limit will allow the amount of your tuition.

If paying by cheque, ensure it is for the exact amount owing on your account and include your name, UFV ID, address, and telephone number on your cheque. A $25 penalty will be charged for NSF/returned cheques.

 Info for international students:

To pay from abroad, you can use WU®GlobalPay for Students, an international student payment portal that makes it easy and cost-effective for you or your family to pay in your local currency from your home bank account.

To pay from Canada, you can use online banking from a Canadian bank, or use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

Financial aid and scholarships

If you are enrolling at UFV in the academic year immediately following your high school graduation, or as a transfer student, you may qualify for a UFV Entrance Scholarship award.

Once you are a continuing UFV student, you are eligible for further scholarships, bursaries, and awards. The Financial Aid and Awards office will be available to assist you with the details.

 Info for domestic or landed students:

Find out if you qualify for a UFV scholarship.

Recipients are selected based on academic excellence, community/school involvement, volunteer experience, and leadership endeavours.

 Info for international students:

International entrance scholarships are available for incoming international applicants. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships if they meet the minimum requirements. No additional application is required.

We also recommend you contact the Canadian Embassy in your country to inquire about additional private scholarships for which you may qualify.

Once you become a UFV student, you are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards administered by UFV Financial Aid and Awards.

The Financial Aid and Awards office will be available to assist you with the details.

Student Experience

For more information on all the opportunities to connect with other students, and on how to become engaged with UFV find it all at the Student Experience Office.

Additional questions?

If you have any other questions that were not addressed in here, please email When emailing please use your UFV student email and include your student number in the email body. Or, book an appointment to speak with an advisor.