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Research Ethics

Project scope

If my project has changed, do I need to submit a new request?

No, if your project has changed minimally, such as hiring a new research assistant, expanding into another school to get more participants, or simply needing an extension for another six months to finish collecting the data, a request for amendment can be sought. If the changes are significant (such as changing the use of the data), then the HREB will notify the researcher and ask for a new protocol.

I have a multi-year project, do I have to submit a new request every year?

If you are sure your project will take longer than a year, indicate the project length on the request for ethical review. When approval is given the certificate will still only be valid for a year, but the HREB will extend the certificate for another year upon receiving and approving an annual report of the project.

What should I do if my research involves multiple institutions?

We do our best to make sure the process is not onerous when doing research at multiple sites. You will need approval from each site. You should submit your application to the primary institution for ethics review (generally the primary investigator's home institution) first.

When you receive ethics approval from there, you will then send all your documents to our HREB for review (the application form and all supporting documents). The HREB will review the application on the other institution's forms and will either approve the ethics for UFV or request extra information. The UFV HREB will need a copy of the ethics approval from each institution.

Though the HREB has made attempts to join Reserach Ethics BC's harmonized process, we do not have a date or any information on when or if this will happen.

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