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Masud Khawaja

Masud Khawaja, PhD

Associate Professor
Human Resources and Organizational Studies Chair

School of Business

Abbotsford campus, C2453

Phone: 604-557-4030

email Masud


Dr. Masud Khawaja is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business. He completed his graduate studies in Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, and obtained his master and doctoral degrees from the Michigan State University and the Case Western Reserve University, respectively. Dr. Khawaja also has a specialization in International Development from the Michigan State University and a certification in Emotional Intelligence techniques from the Case Western Reserve University. He is a HayGroup (Boston) certified Executive Coach and Motivational Interviewer. He received Ethics training from the Collaberative Institutional Training Institute in Miami, USA and has served as a member of the Research Ethics Board of the University of Manitoba and honorary Director of the Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance.

Dr. Khawaja has experience in both teaching and research from several institutions of higher learning in Canada and USA. His primary research goal is directed towards understanding and improving the human condition in organizational life. He is particularly interested in exploring psychosocial perspectives of workers and management, and how they could be applied to gain better outcomes. He likes to work at the intersections of disciplines, and therefore most of his research work is collaborative and interdisciplinary. He has published a number of refereed articles, reviewed a textbook on Human Resource Management, and presented at international conferences. A research paper by Dr. Khawaja and co-authors was given the Best Paper Award by the Academy of Management (AOM) at the AOM conference in Montreal in 2010.

Students are the most important part of Dr. Khawaja’s professional life. As a teacher and mentor, he is committed to student-centered pedagogy. Three key values guide his teaching philosophy which reflect his beliefs about learning. These include, fostering student passion and curiosity, developing their critical thinking by challenging assumptions, and establishing the classroom as a microcosm of an organization to provide in-the-moment learning. Dr. Khawaja’s teaching experiences in the province of Manitoba have also given him a unique understanding of indigenous student perspectives. His aim is to always make learning a memorable experience that remains with his students even after they leave the classroom.

Teaching Interests

Courses recently taught at UFV:


Khawaja, M. (2019, May-a). Back to the basics - Clinical interview skills trump COWs technology. Presentation at the International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Sustainability in Business Management, Middlesex University, Dubai Campus, UAE.

Khawaja, M. (2019, May-b). Effective medical interviewing. Presentation at the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research Conference, Halifax, NS.

Boyatzis, R. E., Jack, A. I., Cesaro, R., Passarelli, A., & Khawaja, M. (2010). Coaching with compassion: An fMRI study of coaching to the positive or negative emotional attractorSymposium conducted at the Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC. (BEST PAPER AWARD).


Berge, S., & Khawaja, M. (2016). Food Cooperatives in Canada. In P. B. Thompson & D. M. Kaplan (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics (pp. 1-7). Dodrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

Khawaja, M. (2015). Review of the textbook In P. Nel & A. Werner (Eds.), Human Resources Management (9th ed.). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

Boyatzis, R. E., & Khawaja, M. (2014). How Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Led a Change Process That Started a Movement. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 50(3), 284-306.

Sisler, J., Khawaja, M., & Taylor-Brown, J. (2014). "I know where I'm going." Exploring transitions of follow-up care from specialist to primary care. European Journal of Cancer Care, 23(SI), 26-27.

Jack, A. I., Boyatzis, R. E., Khawaja, M. S., Passarelli, A. M., & Leckie, R. L. (2013). Visioning in the brain: an fMRI study of inspirational coaching and mentoring. Social neuroscience, 8(4), 369-384.

Sisler, J. J., Taylor-Brown, J., Nugent, Z., Bell, D., Khawaja, M., Czaykowski, P., et al. (2012). Continuity of care of colorectal cancer survivors at the end of treatment: the oncology -- primary care interface. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 6(4), 468-475.

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