Finance & Budget Forms

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Form Name


General Finance  
Account Code List A list of frequently used accounts
Account Transfer/Adjustment Request Form To request a transfer of funds between accounts
Signing Authority Form Signing authority form for new and existing accounts
Accounts Payable
‌‌Advance Requisition Form   To request an advance
Cheque Requisition To request cheques (both individual and companies)
Employee/Independent Contractor Checklist ‌Please complete before the Provision of Services contract form
Expense Claim Form To claim expenses (mileage, meals, travel) *Please note: The expense claim form must be downloaded from Chrome in order for the formulas to work. Formulas will not work in Chrome pdf preview. Alternatively, please use Firefox.
‌‌Honorarium Request Form  

To request an Honorarium. See Honorarium Guidelines.

Petty Cash

To replenish petty cash funds

Service Agreement (Provision of Service Agreement)  Contact Legal at
Accounts Receivable
Cash Float To verify your cash float (.xls)
Department Tuition Waiver To request a payment be applied to a student account from your department
Deposit Submission Form To deposit any/all funds into a particular account
Invoice Request Form To request an invoice to an outside agency/company
‌‌‌Sponsorship Billing Authorization Form To request an outside agency be billed directly for a student's tuition and other fees

Payroll Schedule

Current payroll schedule for timesheet employees
Payroll Timesheet For faculty, staff and work study
Employee Direct Deposit Form To authorize or change direct deposit information
Payroll Deduction Form To donate to UFV via payroll deduction
Directed Independent Studies To process Directed Independent Studies payments through UFV Payroll.
Tax Forms

TD1 Form‌ (2020)

2020 Personal Tax Credits Return Form

TD1BC Form (2020)

2020 BC Personal Tax Credits Return Form

Please contact the payroll department at if you have any questions.

Budgets & Financial Planning
Course Funding Transfer Request To request additional funds or funding for releases
Discretionary and Additional Funds Request Form To request discretionary or additional one-time funds
Posting Request For posting request of new/replacement positions (return to HR once complete)
Research & Specific Funds
New Account Set-up Non-Base funded activity account set up form
Signing Authority Form Signing authority form for new and existing accounts
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