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NOTE: International students follow different steps than those listed below.
Find out how to apply to UFV International.


Choose your program

Select a program from UFV's program list: UFV offers 15 bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees, and more than 100 certificate, diploma, and post-degree programs. Many of our programs ladder into one another, allowing you to keep your options open by earning a one-year certificate or a two-year diploma on the way to completing a full degree.


See an advisor

Need help with choosing programs, developing an educational plan or understanding UFV policies and procedures? Arrange to see an advisor.


Prepare your documents

Check the UFV calendar and find your program. In the How to apply section, you will find a list of all required documents.

Depending on the program to which you wish to apply, you may need to provide high school or university transcripts, prepare a portfolio, or take a placement test.


Submit your application

For fastest processing apply online.

Review application deadlines to ensure you apply in time to secure admissions for your preferred semester.


Wait to hear you have been accepted

After you apply, we confirm we've received your application by sending you an email within one to two weeks of your submission.This preliminary email will contain your student ID number and information on how to access myUFV, your portal to your UFV email account, and more.

Use this information to access the portal: you can monitor the status of your application on myUFV, learn if you need to submit additional documents, or confirm that your application is complete.

You will only receive an official letter of acceptance if you are unconditionally accepted to your chosen program. Any applicant who is conditionally accepted and must provide additional information will be notified by email.


Get ready to attend UFV

Once your application is complete and you have been admitted, you're ready to come and study at UFV. Find out what your next steps are, including signing up for classes and more.

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