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Research Ethics

Course designation

How is your course designated for research?

Your course may be eligible for a course designation if you are teaching about research methods or the course has a large research assignment. Course designations require the instructor to provide oversight and supervision of the student research. These projects should have some uniformity. Instructors will be asked to provide a summary of the projects and any issues at the end of each semester. NOTE: Course designations are not permitted for directed studies or honours courses.

Please review this document to determine eligiblity for a course designation.

I‌nstructors may wish to have students complete this form when creating their projects to use for their own records - this is not an HREB requirement and is meant as a tool to help instructors. 

Course designations are given a three year approval instead of the typical one year approval. This makes it much easier for students to get their assignments done.

If you run the course only one time, a course designation may not be needed. If you are doing a trial run of a research assignment before implementing it into your course outline and curriculum, you can apply for a student request for ethical review on behalf of all your students and attach a class list. The projects under this type of approval need to be similar with a standard consent form. This approval will be given for only one semester and for the students on the class list. 

Submit your course designations at least one month before the semester begins.

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