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2021 Graduation ceremonies

Convocation ceremonies are separate from your achievement of graduating. UFV is planning for your graduation celebration this year. Details will be announced during the Winter semester.


Apply to graduate

The last day to submit a Graduation Request (pdf) to the Office of the Registrar for students completing the requirements for their credential in the summer 2020, fall 2020, or winter 2021 semester is April 1, 2021. Those who have completed their requirements in summer 2020 or will complete requirements in fall 2020 may submit their requests now. Graduation requests take a minimum of 8 weeks to process.

Every candidate for graduation needs to submit a Graduation Request (pdf) form to any Office of the Registrar.

For information about the Graduation ceremony (Convocation) in 2021, please visit the Convocation website.

How much does it cost to graduate?

Until April 1, the graduation fee is $25.

For those who submit an application without a credit card payment, the $25 will be added to your account, which you can pay using online banking (your UFV account number is your student number). If you choose to pay by credit card on the graduation form, these payments will be processed at least once a week while we work remotely.

*The following students are EXCLUDED from the graduation fee:

  • Career Technical Centre (CTC) students
  • Training in Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for the Workplace (Workplace TASK)
  • Adult Basic Education (BC Adult Graduation Diploma; also known as the Adult Dogwood)

Complete all program requirements

All program requirements must be completed by the Winter semester grade deadline.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all program requirements are met. This should be done by regular program review with an academic advisor and/or consultation with the appropriate department.

If you are completing your requirements in the summer semester, your application will NOT be processed until after July and you will NOT be eligible to attend this year’s convocation ceremony.

If you are NOT eligible to graduate, your graduation fee cannot be refunded or rolled forward to a future convocation.

Please visit your program advisor(s) to confirm you are eligible for graduation before submitting your Graduation Request form.

Submit grades and transfer credits

All grades MUST be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the Winter semester grade deadline

If you are assigned a failing grade in a required course and are expecting a grade change, you must ensure that your instructor submits this grade change immediately, otherwise you will be ineligible to graduate.

Students who plan to use credit from other institutions to meet the requirements for a UFV credential must apply for transfer credit at least three months before applying to graduate and have the transfer credit sent to UFV by Winter semester grade deadline.

Outstanding fees

If you have any outstanding debt to UFV, we cannot award you a parchment. If you have an unpaid student bill, please contact the Office of the Registrar or the UFV Library to arrange the required payment(s).

Check your approval status

Upon receiving your graduation request, the Office of the Registrar will send a graduation approval form to the department responsible for checking that you meet graduation requirements. Once this is done, the Office of the Registrar will submit your name to the UFV Senate for approval. The Senate considers these requests at any of its meetings, which are held monthly between mid-September and the beginning of May.

Your academic record is updated when the Senate has given its approval.

If you are uncertain of your graduation status, access myUFV and view your statement of student record.

Graduate with distinction and on the dean's list

The designation Graduated with Distinction recognizes those university students who have maintained a high academic standard throughout their course of studies. This list is prepared for convocation.

Students with exceptional scholastic records are given special recognition when their names are added to the Dean’s List of Distinguished Students. This list is prepared for each semester.

Visit Regulations and Policies and scroll down to "Graduated with Distinction" and "Dean's List" for information on eligibility.  

Please note that UFV Outstanding Achievement Awards are not indicated on your academic record. Contact your department for more information pertaining to these recognition awards.

Graduation documents (parchments)

UFV awards a parchment — an official certificate confirming your degree, associate degree, diploma, or certificate — to every graduate. You can request to have your parchment mailed (fee may apply), or presented to you at the convocation ceremony. 

After February 1, due to time constraints, parchments may not be mailed, but instead are prepared for the convocation ceremony. 

If you have not received your parchment, please contact a records and graduation officer at

Note: UFV only prints majors on degree parchments.

Request for parchment reprints

If the parchment you were issued upon graduating has been lost, destroyed, stolen, or damaged, or if you had a legal name change, you may apply to have your parchment reprinted.

You may request only one copy of each credential. To apply for a reprint, please review the requirements, and submit a completed Parchment Replacement Request (pdf) to You can also submit your request to the address or fax number noted on the form, or in person at any Office of the Registrar location.

Note: Replacement parchments take approximately six weeks to process. If you require proof of graduation immediately, you can request a transcript (pdf) or have the requester contact Auradata for graduation verification.

Transcripts and statement of student records

Official transcripts

All official transcripts carry the signature of the registrar as well as the seal of the school, and are enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing an official signature.

Official transcripts are NOT issued automatically upon graduation.

Current and former students must order a(n) official transcript(s) from the Office of the Registrar.

Find out how you can order an official transcript from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Statement of student record

Upon Senate awarding a credential, student academic records are updated to show graduation status.

Students can view their unofficial statement of student record on myUFV.

Information for departments

Faculty and staff can download Graduation Review and Approval Process Information (PDF) for step-by-step procedures explaining the graduation review and approval process at UFV.

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