Payment deadlines

The balance of fees owing must be paid in full by the fee payment deadline (approximately the end of the second week of classes) or penalties will apply. See dates and deadlines for current fee payment deadline

International students and Continuing Education students may be subject to different payment deadlines. Please see current students' fee info on UFV International's website and the Continuing Education website.

To avoid errors in the amount you pay, check your student account balance through myUFV before you pay your fees.

Pay in advance! Do not wait until the fee payment deadline to pay fees, as there are likely to be long line-ups or delays in the registration offices.

Current Fee payment Deadline

The current registration semester is: Summer2020
Fees are due: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Note: A late registration fee of $20 per course is charged when you register after the fee payment deadline.

Late registration fee

A late registration fee of $20 per course is charged when you register after the fee payment deadline. See dates and deadlines for current late registration date.

Failure to pay fees by the deadline

If you pay the balance of outstanding fees after the payment deadline but before the Office of the Registrar has withdrawn you from your courses, you will be charged a $50 late payment penalty.

If we withdraw you from your classes for non-payment, your $200 deposit will be forfeited as a penalty for non-payment. If you wish to be reinstated into your classes, you will be required to pay the full fees for the courses, in addition to the $200 forfeited.

Note: You are required to pay in full for all classes you are registered in as of the payment deadline. There is no reduction in fees for withdrawals after the deadline. Even if you are disputing a charge or appealing for an additional fee reduction, pay your fees in full; you will be reimbursed if you are successful.

Registration deposit

A $200 registration deposit is required each semester. The deposit must be received before you register. View payment options.

If you are sponsored, please ensure UFV has an updated sponsorship letter before you register.

Registration deposit for financial aid recipients

If you are receiving student loans or need a fee deferral, contact Financial Aid & Awards to make arrangements before you register.

International students are required to pay all fees in full before registration. 

Note: If you have pre-paid your $200 deposit and will not be attending, please request a refund by sending an email from your myUFV email account to

Tuition fees for financial aid recipients

Student loan recipients are responsible for paying their total course fees by the fee payment deadline. To ensure you receive your funding in time, carefully review the Schedule of Events information as it provides a detailed timeline.

If you have not received your loan document in the mail or your funds have not been deposited into your bank account by the fee payment deadline, please contact Financial Aid and Awards.

Deferring fees

If you require a deferral of fees, contact Financial Aid and Awards no later than four days before the fee payment deadline. Government student loans must normally be approved to qualify.

Note: The registration deposit of $200 is generally not deferred.

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