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Register after classes begin

Check the semester timetable for the day and time the class meets. Attendance on the first day is mandatory for students already registered. Attendance is also mandatory in many cases for those who want to join the class once it has begun. 

If the section you want has a waitlist, access online registration through your myUFV account and add yourself to the waitlist. Your instructor cannot grant you a seat unless you are on the waitlist.

First Week of Classes

Online registration remains open for the first week of the term.

Sections with space, no waitlist

Students may register online.

Sections full, with a waitlist 

Add yourself to the waitlist and attend the first class. If you are granted late registration permission by the instructor, proceed with online registration. Only waitlisted students will be considered for late registration permission.

After First Week of Classes

Online registration ends on the last day of the first week. Instructor's late registration permission is required in order to register.

Request this permission from the instructor. Instructors enter this permission (Late registration permission) online. Students will receive a notification in their myUFV email account when permission is entered.

Register online within three days after the date of issue. If you do not register within the three-day period, the permission will expire.