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Waitlist procedures

You cannot register and waitlist for the same class. If you do so, you will be removed from the waitlisted section within 24 hours.

 Waitlisting is limited to only one section of a single course.  You are permitted to be waitlisted for different courses. 

To obtain a seat through the waitlist before classes start

Check your myUFV account daily. If you are waitlisted for a course and a seat is available to you, you will receive notification under your Registration Details as well as an email notification. You should then register promptly. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note: If you are offered a seat in a lecture, you will be required to register for a lab at the same time. Ensure there is space in a lab which fits your schedule.

To obtain a seat through the waitlist once classes begin

Waitlisted students must attend the first class to be considered for a seat. If there are seat vacancies, the instructor will offer them to qualified students who attend the first class in the order of the waitlist.

If the instructor has space for you, he or she will enter the "Late reg Instructor perm" electronically and you will receive an email in your myUFV email account. Register within three business days or the offer will expire.

If you are currently on the waitlist:

  1. Drop the waitlist using the dropdown arrow
  2. Submit
  3. Re-enter the Course Registration Number (CRN) in the Add CRN area
  4. Submit

See How to register for more information.

How to view your waitlist position

In the registration dashboard, select 'schedule details' there you will see an underlined course title. To the left of the course title click the little black arrow. After clicking the arrow it will display more information including your waitlist position.

Waitlisted for an online course?

If you are waitlisted for an online course, contact the instructor on or before the first day of classes for that semester using your UFV student email account to inquire if there will be a seat available for you in that section.

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