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Campus Card

Printing / photocopying

Loading your Campus Card

Load your card with Cascade Cash for printing and photocopying; we recommend $5.00 to start so you're prepared to do emergency printing or to grab a quick coffee.

In Abbotsford visit the:

  • Campus Card office accepts debit, credit, or cash
  • Bookstore accepts debit, credit, or cash

In Chilliwack visit the:

  • Bookstore accepts debit, credit, or cash

How to Print

  • Press print on your computer
  • Go to print station
  • Swipe your Campus Card to log-on
  • Student ID# and card balance will appear in top left corner
  • Cost total will appear beside each print job
  • To print:
    • Individual print jobs; click blue print button to the right of each job
    • Multiple print jobs; click print all button on bottom of page
  • Print job is released to printer