Graphic + Digital Design

Fees and costs

Graphic and Digital Design Diploma

Tuition costs, materials fees, and student/activity fees in the two-year diploma program are approximately $3,450 to $4,050 per term. All GD courses are $772.59 for 3 credits (2017/18). Additional information can be found in the Registration Fees and Costs section. Diploma students should budget an additional $500 to $800 per term for books, supplies and a monthly Adobe CC subscription.

In addition, students entering the diploma program are required to purchase an equipment package comprising of a custom MacBook Pro laptop configured as per GDD specifications ranging between $2,500 to $3,500. The GDD labs are equipped with 27" Thunderbolt display MacBook Pro docking stations, Adobe OpenType collection of 2,400 fonts, scanners, and colour printing. Students also have exclusive access to GDD photo studios, digital production labs, and drawing/painting studios.

All new students will receive a letter outlining MacBook Pro specifications in July.  

Students taking a GDD Extended Minor, GDD Minor, or GD electives

All GD courses are offered in networked Macintosh labs with access to Adobe CC, colour printers, scanners etc. Designated production labs on both Mission and Abbotsford campuses provide additional access to iMacs for homework and project completion. Purchasing a MacBook Pro is optional, and recommended for students pursuing a Minor.

To find out about equipment specifications, please contact Cody Watson, GDD Lab Coordinator.


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