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Please note: This is a tentative list of course offerings and subject to change (until posted on the UFV Timetable).

Students are encouraged to consult with the Graphic Design Department Head or Arts Advising to plan their specific course path.

Course Offerings for the 2018–2019 Academic Year

Abbotsford Winter 2019 (Open to all students)
Course Name Prerequisite(s) 
GD101 Fundamentals of Design None
GD102 History of Graphic Design None
GD154 Typography None
GD157 Digital Design Media I (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) None
GD159 Digital Design Media II (Adobe InDesign) None
GD317 Graphic and Digital Design II

GD157, GD159 and
GD260 (formerly GD161)


Mission Winter 2019 (Open to GDD Diploma and Minor/Extended Minor students)
Course Name Prerequisite(s) 
GD102 History of Graphic Design None
GD202 Interactive Design I GD157
GD216 Drawing + Illustration II VA113
GD260 Graphic and Digital Design I GD101 and GD154
GD303 Dynamic Media II: Storytelling GD203
GD358 Interactive Design for Portfolio CIS145 or GD204

Portfolio Development
for Graphic and Digital Design

15 GD credits including one 300-level 
or higher GD course
GD369 Professional Practices I

15 GD credits

GD375 Packaging  GD374

Continuing Education Courses

Get creative with digital media and creative practice courses, workshops, and customized training.

Build your creative skills in a flexible continuing education format and learn from industry leaders in the exceptional digital labs and art studios at the UFV Mission and Abbotsford campus. 

The Centre for Creative Development (CCD) at the University of the Fraser Valley offers professional or personal interest courses and workshops for everyone: whether you are an artist, administrative assistant, or entrepreneur. Boost your business, build your résumé, or expand your skill set. 

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