Graphic + Digital Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic and Digital Design


Bachelor's degree

4 years

Major, minor and extended minor

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Start date:
January, September 

Abbotsford campus, Mission campus



  • Field trips enhance classroom learning
  • Practicum provides work experience and industry contacts
  • Engage with the design industry through special events, guest lectures, study tours, design conferences, workshops, practicums, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Coursework emphasizes professional standards of practice through project-based learning, special events, and workshops.
  • Program eligible for financial aid


A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) provides you with a professional and hands-on education in the visual arts to help you launch a career as an artist or creative lead in British Columbia's creative economy.

Adding a major, minor, or extended minor in Graphic Design to your BFA equips you with the skills needed to apply your creativity, visual savvy, and design skills in fields such as business, marketing, social enterprise, education, government, and more.

Enter the current two-year Graphic and Digital Design diploma and choose the GDD Major at the end of year one, or begin the BFA as a new or continuing student and declare the GDD Major after completion of 30 credits. Ladder into year three with a two-year graphic design diploma or part of a design degree completed.

Note: the Graphic and Digital Design minor and extended minor culminate in upper-level courses that require a series of sequential skills obtained over several semesters. Introductory and directed studies courses are offered all year on both the Mission and Abbotsford campuses. 

BFA with minor in Graphic Design

The Graphic and Digital Design minor may be paired with a Visual Arts major and includes the completion of 27 credits, 12 at the lower level, and 15 at the upper level.

View the UFV Academic Calendar for a detailed list of Graphic Design required courses.

BFA with extended minor in Graphic Design

You can combine an extended minor in Graphic design with another extended minor in one of five fine arts disciplines, including Art History and Visual Studies, Creative Writing, Media and Communication Studies, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

The Graphic and Digital Design extended minor offers optional streams in Dynamic Media, Interactive Design, Communication Design, or Visual Identity.

  1. Dynamic Media: GD 203, GD 216, and GD 303
    This stream is image based and introduces motion graphics, video, kinetic typography, and character design for design projects and storytelling.

  2. Interactive Design: GD 202, GD 204, and GD 358
    This stream focuses on design for digital screens including websites, tablets, and mobile devices. Students are introduced to interface design, development, UX, and content management.

  3. Communication Design: GD 101, GD 260, and GD 317
    This stream introduces publishing, promotion, information design, and social responsibility. The emphasis is on problem-solving and human-centered solutions in print and digital media.

  4. Visual Identity: GD 101, GD 260, GD 374, and GD 375
    This stream offers a foundation in communication design and introduces the field of brand identity including logo design, packaging design, and sustainability principles.

The Graphic Design extended minor includes the completion of 33 credits, 18 at the lower level, and 15 at the upper level.

View the UFV Academic Calendar for a detailed list of Graphic Design required courses.

BFA with major in Graphic Design

Building upon the core foundations of the Graphic and Digital Design minor and diploma, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) major in Graphic Design helps you build an integrated design practice and develop your creative leadership skills.

Learn to create impactful branded experiences and design systems using a variety of media.  

Develop your creative leadership skills with upper-level courses in digital project management, professional practices, and design thinking.  

Explore other disciplines to enrich your graphic design practice by taking elective courses in Communications, English, Business, Theatre, Media Arts, and more.

View the program outline for the Graphic Design major in the UFV Academic Calendar.



With the emergence of digital and social media platforms, the need for skilled visual strategists is higher than ever. With experience, designers with a BFA may progress to leadership roles in the creative industry. Potential fields of practice include:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Information design
  • Graphic design
  • Communication design
  • Exhibit design
  • Environmental design
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Retail promotion
  • Packaging
  • Publishing
  • Editorial design
  • Fine art Illustration
  • Concept art
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Experience design
  • Social media
  • Interactive design
  • Web design
  • Mobile design
  • Ecommerce
  • Public relations
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Event promotion
  • Activism
  • Social impact
  • Philanthropy
  • Sustainability
  • Government Public service



This program is open for international students.


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