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A portfolio is a compilation of work created in various mediums that reflect your talent, creative process, knowledge, interests, skills, and artistic development. An entry portfolio for UFV’s Graphic + Digital Design program includes both visual and written requirements.

What to include:

Your submission must include the following:

  • Portfolio: 10 to 15 pieces of creative work
  • Two reflections
  • Résumé

Portfolio requirements


The Graphic and Digital Design Diploma is a limited intake program with 20 seats available each fall on the Mission campus, and 10 seats available each winter on the Abbotsford campus.

Fall Intake (Mission Campus): Portfolio submission deadline June 30, 2019. Portfolios will be reviewed on an ongoing basis at the end of each month, starting January. Please submit your portfolio as early as possible for the best opportunity for a seat. 

Winter Intake (Abbotsford Campus): Portfolios will be reviewed following the portfolio submission deadline of October 20, 2019.

International or out-of-region applicants may be interviewed online via Skype or Google Hangouts.  

Domestic applicant portfolio deadline
Fall 2019 intake: **NEW DEADLINE** Sunday June 30, 2019
Winter 2020 intake: Sunday October 20, 2019

International applicant portfolio deadline:
Please contact UFV International at 604-854-4544 or visit the UFV International website for information about admission.

Create a portfolio with 10 to 15 pieces of your best creative work. Showcase the use of at least three different mediums.

  • Visual pieces should depict a variety of subject matter — representational, informational and/or conceptual as well as a mix of styles.
  • Submissions may include traditional and/or digital media.
    • Examples of media include paint, pastel, graphite, pencil crayon, photography, digital applications, video, collage, printmaking, writing, publications, and non-traditional materials etc.
  • Include personal projects as well as school projects.

Submission instructions:

  • Submit your portfolio using SlideRoom
  • Examples of acceptable formats for visual pieces include:
    • PDF, JPEG, or TIFF formats
    • URL link to a specific work (video)
    • URL and/or PDF documents(s) with multiple pages depicting the process. Include sketches from your sketchbook, exploration, and ideas for a finished piece (considered one of the 10 to 15 pieces)

Submit your portfolio

Write two reflections, each with the following criteria:

  • One topic
    • Read through the resources provided below to find a topic that interests you, and write a 150-300 word reflection.
    • Images must be included
    • End with a question related to the topic you choose
    • Cite the URL and any additional references

  • One designer
    • Read through the resources provided below to find a designer that interest you, and write a 150-300 word reflection.
    • Images may be included
    • End with a question for the designer you chose
    • Cite the URL and any additional references

Post in SlideRoom where indicated.

Resource list

Begin with your contact information and provide a list of your education, work experience, volunteer activity, travel, languages, exhibitions, skills, and other interests. No references are required.

Submit as a PDF in SlideRoom where indicated.

Portfolios are assessed by GDD faculty on a 1 to 5 scale (5 excellent) for each of the criterion listed below:

  • Creativity: imaginative and original ideas
  • Experimentation and exploration: personal projects as well as school projects, shows process for one piece, explores composition
  • Minimum of three mediums: examples of media include paint, pastel, graphite, pencil crayon, photography, digital applications, writing, video, collage, printmaking and non-traditional materials etc.
  • Range of subject matter: conceptual, informational, and representational
  • Written reflection: demonstrate that you have some knowledge of the field of graphic design, your writing ability, and interests
  • Résumé: clarity and attention to detail
  • Following instructions: quality and completeness of the submission

If your portfolio does not meet the criteria, you may be asked to submit additional requirements for reassessment. Early submissions have priority in the review process. GDD applicants who are not accepted into the diploma, will be given an opportunity to register as a Qualifying Studies student.

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