Betty Urquhart Community Service Award

2020 Recipient — Mrs. Nerlap Sidhu

Nerlap Sidhu - winner of 2020 Betty Urquhart award

As a relentless volunteer with a strong ability to articulate the vision and need for community connection, Mrs. Sidhu has planned, and executed a series of impactful community projects: Lean on Me (2020), We are Canada (2020), Character Matters (2019), Walk of Integrity (2018), Random Acts of Kindness (2018), Voices of Courage (2017), Empathy Fence (2016), and the Antiracism Education Project (2020-2021). Through her work on these initiatives she has motivated and inspired many individuals, businesses and professional agencies from across our region to come together and volunteer their time and expertise.

Mrs. Sidhu’s innovative approach to connecting local volunteers with students has enabled their ability to view themselves as positive and impactful contributors to both their local community and the greater society. This interactive connection has been a catalyst for increased collaboration and has fostered a positive relationship between local community members and students. She continues to volunteer her time and skills and is a wonderful example of giving back within one’s own community.

Nominate someone great

Nominations will open in fall 2021.

Do you know a person who has made the Fraser Valley a better place to live? Nominate them for the UFV Betty Urquhart Community Service award.

Betty Urquhart was one of the first employees of the university and believed strongly in volunteering and giving back to the community. While Betty passed away in 1995, UFV keeps her memory alive by honouring a person exemplifying her commitment to life-long learning and community. This award is part of UFV's commitment to changing lives and building community.

Nomination guidelines

Nomination Guidelines - Betty Urquhart Award

  1. The award is given to an individual for a specific project or series of projects.
  2. Nominations may be made to the Board of Governors by any individual or group in the University region. Nominations should include a statement of the reasons for the nomination and supporting documentation.
  3. The award will be publicly presented at a university event and include a monetary prize to be given to the recipient's charity of choice.
  4. Names of award recipients and their projects will be displayed on campus and on the UFV website.
  5. Normally only one award will be presented in any year.
  6. The University President or designate will chair the award selection committee which will include three members appointed annually by the Board of Governors.
  7. The project(s) for which the recipient is being honoured for must meet the following criteria:
  • The project must demonstrate UFV's commitment to enhancing the quality of life of its communities.
  • The project must have had a significant impact on the community.
  • The recipient of the award must have played a major role in the planning and implementation of the project.
  • This project must have been undertaken at least partially as a volunteer endeavour and not as part of anyone’s salaried or contractual obligations.
  • The project must have taken place at least partially during the immediately preceding twelve-month period.

If you have any questions about the nomination process for the Betty Urquhart Award, please contact Monika Vondras using the contact information below:

Office of the VP External
University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford campus
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8
Phone: 604-854-4502


Past recipients
2019 John H. Redekop, Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, for his visionary and long-term fundraiser for Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre. Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre is a world-class facility in a breathtaking setting dedicated to providing space for the encouragement and holistic growth of people. Read more
2018 Mike Straiton, Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association, for his passionate and committed efforts to help facilitate healing, crime prevention, and rehabilitation within the Chilliwack community. Read more
 2017 Mike Csoka, Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society, for his efforts as director of the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society, which provides hot lunches to more than 750 children a day in Chilliwack. Read more
 2016 Elizabeth Melnick, Elizabeth's Wildlife Centre, for her extraordinary contribution and impact in the Fraser Valley region, through her tireless work to rehabilitate wildlife, and increase awareness, understanding, compassion for and knowledge of wildlife. Read more

The Crystal Gala Foundation, for its fundraising and promotional work supporting breast health and those afflicted with breast cancer. Read more

2014 Kusum Soni, for her continued work, dedication and programming at Mission Community Services. Read more
  1. Brittany Clough, for her work with the "Beautiful, You" project.
  2. Veronica Back, for her work with the "Street Hope: Mission OutReach / Lunch and Dinner Program" project.
  1. Daphne Clegg and Pat Fuller, for their work at Chilliwack's Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities giving therapeutic riding lessons for disabled children.
  2. Sandy Balascak and students of the Agassiz Centre for Education "CHOICE" program, for their project "When Bad Kids Go Good".
  1. Dr. Elizabeth Watt, for her work with the Abbotsford Youth Health Centre.
  2. Ms. Patricia Murakami, for her work with the Tillicum Activity Centre (Hope Association for Community Living).
2010 Yarrow Volunteer Society, for the work that this group of dedicated volunteers does in helping to ensure that Yarrow remains a vibrant and caring community.


Milt Walke, for his dedication to this community most recently though his involvement in the Reach Gallery Museum project.


Pat and Peggy Wiens, for Youth Lunchin in Hope.


Tara Scheirer, for her project, The Warm Zone.


Heather Stewin, for her project, Story Time in the Park.


Elise Goerzen, for her extensive contribution to Sardis Doorway. 


Elder College Chilliwack, for its dedication to lifelong learning. 


  1. Ann Dyble, for her contribution to the Community Women's Centre at UCFV.
  2. Gwen Point, for her contribution to the 11th Annual Pow Wow. 


Ruth Altendorf, for her work with the Harrison Hot Springs Recreation Commission.  


Cathy Elliot, for her role in establishing the East Chilliwack Family Place. 

2000 Shirley Dargartz, for her volunteer service to the Chilliwack Community. 
  1. Organizing Committee Operation Rednose Abbotsford
  2. Marion Robinson, for her work with Mission Community Justice Council.
1998 Harrison Festival of the Arts 
  1. Margaret Alfrey, Doreen Derkach, D. Neumann, Freida Stevens, and Pam Wilson, for the Abbotsford Per Support for Seniors Project.
  2. Family Literacy Council, for the Chilliwack Families in Motion project. 
1996 Glen Flett, for his work with the Partners in Learning Project. 
1993 1. Mary Uslick, Coqueleetza Elder.
2. Fred Clarke, The Clarke Group.
1992 Mel Folkman and John Smith, for their work with the Chilliwack Career Fair. 

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