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Physical Records Storage

Managing university records is a shared responsibility. All employees are responsible for managing the records and information under their custody or control.  UFV Records Management and Logistics is here to provide the tools, advice, and guidance to support departments and units in storing physical records as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Where are records stored at UFV?

Physical records are currently housed in a secure storage room on Chilliwack campus. 

What can I send to storage?

Transitory records should not be stored in UFV’s on campus centralized storage system. Consult UFV’s Transitory Record Schedule to vet and confidentially destroy transitory records before preparing your records for storage. Transitory records do not require authorization prior to destruction.

Records that are frequently retrieved and active use are typically not appropriate for centralized storage. Conversely some records will have surpassed their retention period and should therefore be disposed rather than stored. Please do not destroy university records without consulting UFV’s Record Retention Schedule and completing a Disposition Authorization Form.

If you require frequent access to records, we encourage you to store them in a secure site within your own department. To mitigate damage or exposure to records, constant transport of records is not recommended.

Step 1. Prepare your records for storage by grouping similar categories of records together. Records are best organized by categories that mirror UFV’s Record Retention Schedule. 

Step 2. Place an order for banker boxes. Records will not be accepted in the storage room by Logistics without a standard box (1.2 cubic ft) and complete label. 

Step 3. Download UFV’s Standard Box Label, Intake Form, and Inventory Template. Using the drop-down menu, fill out the label and forms according to UFV’s Record Retention Schedule. Record retention and disposition should correspond with UFV’s record retention schedule. Submit the intake form to UFV’s Records Manager for review. Retain a copy of the Inventory Template for your records. We will then fill out the remaining required fields of the intake form. The intake form collects information about your records to populate our inventory database. Once the form has been reviewed, the Records Manager will notify you that a pickup can be arranged with UFV facilities. 

At this time, UFV’s Records Manager will assign an ID number for your label and a location. You will be notified of your ID number and location for your inventory record. 

Step 4. Once your label and intake form has been reviewed and you have received a box ID number, send a print request to UFV Print Services. Labels should be printed in colour; adhere the label to the corresponding box. 

Step 5. Arrange to have your records transferred to on campus storage. Please fill out a work request. In the description field, include the number of boxes required. Facilities will aid in pick up and retrieval of your units’ boxes. On the day of the scheduled records pick-up, make sure all the boxes entered in the intake form for that transfer are shipped to Chilliwack campus storage. Do not add boxes to or remove any boxes from the pick-up. 

How are records destroyed?
Records stored with UFV's on campus storage warehouse are destroyed as per UFV's Record Retention Schedule. It is central that each unit sending boxes to storage complete the standard label in correspondence with UFV retention. Logistics and Records Management will arrange for confidential shredding. Departments with boxes set for destruction will be contacted prior to shredding. All departments must complete and sign a Disposition Authorization Form.

If you have any questions about UFV physical records storage, please contact UFV Records Management.