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RIM Employee Guide

Learning Opportunities

Employees are encouraged to participate in UFV's records management training sessions. Training sessions are offered by the Secretariat. Whether you are new to the University or want to learn more about managing university records or understanding FIPPA, contact UFV's records manager to schedule a session for your department. 

Managing E-Mail Records

E-mail is the most common form of business communication for the university. When e-mails are sent or received in the conduct of university business, they become official records of UFV, and must be managed in accordance with university records retention schedules, policies, and processes. 

Record Naming Conventions

Record naming conventions are key to maintaining well-organized electronic drive structures. Naming conventions support document version control and information retrieval for all users.

RIM Guidance for Faculty

Faculty members are encouraged to reference these guidelines for managing the records created as a by-product of their research and teaching relationships with students and administrative tasks.

Managing Chat and Text Records

Chat platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom are tools that facilitate group collaboration. It is so simple to communicate with others in chat platforms, that it’s easy to overlook the type of information being shared, whether others can see it, how it’s being stored, and whether another tool may be more appropriate for transmitting the message. 

Recordkeeping Guidelines Committees and Working Groups

Committees, regardless of their size or formality, are both common and essential to the decision-making of the university. The records constitute a valuable source documenting the history of the University.

Privacy and Records Managment for Remote Work

The guidelines below will assist employees and service providers who are working remotely in the protection of privacy and managing records. Whether working remotely, offsite, or travelling with records (including records containing personal information), UFV employees and service providers must take measures to protect records from risks such as unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, access, and destruction.

OneDrive and SharePoint Best Practices

OneDrive, MS Teams, and SharePoint form a network of functionality within the Office 365 ecosystem. It is important to use the appropriate platform when working on, sharing, and storing university records.

Water-Damage Records

Salvage is only a small part of the overall disaster planning process: prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.