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Records Stewards

The effective management of UFV's records and information is a collective responsibility for all employees. Employees working together to support a standardized RIM program at the university will see improved access to information, protection of vital records, a framework for storing, classifying, and destroying information, and improved efficiency. Records Stewards play a key role in leading the day-to-day implementation of records and information practices across their unit. Stewards assigned by each department are responsible for supporting RIM processes in their area, liaising and providing updates to the RIM Manager, identifying RIM related issues, and serving as a resource for their colleagues. 

Records Stewards will be supported by the university records manager through ongoing training and communication. Record stewards are designated by a unit supervisor. A current list of Records Stewards is available upon request.

Alternatively, all employees are welcome to join the records and information listserv to stay up-to-date on RIM developments at UFV, subscribe here