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Board & Senate

View the current positions available on the Board of Governors and Senate.

Standing Committees

Apply for a position on one or more of the 10 standing committees of Senate.

Reasons to get involved


Have an impact

Gain leadership and volunteer experience while studying at UFV! Bring your passion for community and student engagement, interest in problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership to the Board of Governors or Senate. 

Faculty & staff

Shape the future

Contribute to UFV’s mandate and to its strategic vision of “changing lives, building community” by serving on the Board or Senate. Participate in UFV decision making, and collaborate with colleagues from across the institution and within the community!

"I served as a student rep on the Board of Governors. I have learned so much about the policies and decision-making processes that guide a large organization like UFV. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills and to network with student leaders, faculty, staff, and also out to community leaders."   - former student member

What past members say

Learn more

Explore the topics below to learn about membership on the Board of Governors, the Senate, and Senate's standing committees.

On the Board of Governors, there are two student positions, two faculty positions, and one staff position. 

On the Senate, there are four student positions, two faculty positions from each faculty, and two staff positions. For a full list of Senate's composition, click below.

Senate membership

For Board and Senate vacancies, a call for nominations is posted around all UFV campuses and on myUFV announcements, with instructions on how to apply.

If only one nomination is received for a vacancy, that person is acclaimed to the postion; if not, then it proceeds to an election. Once acclaimed or elected, new members receive an orientation and are introduced to their roles and responsibilities.


Students are appointed for one year terms, from August 1 to July 31.  Faculty and staff are appointed for three year terms.

The Board of Governors usually meets once a month. Board members usually serve on at least one Board standing committee and attend various UFV functions, such as convocation. They should expect to contribute an average of 15-20 hours per month to the University.

The Senate also meets monthly and members are expected to serve on a minimum of two Senate standing committees.

Faculty, staff, and student members are expected to:

  • Regularly attend meetings
  • Prepare adequately to participate actively in the decision-making at meetings
  • Act in the best interests of UFV first and foremost, and make decisions as a member of the Board or Senate, not as a member of any particular constituency

Note: Student member(s) from the Board and Senate who receive the most votes will be asked to serve on the Student Union Society (SUS) Board.

For full details, please refer to the Board bylaws and Senate bylaws.

Each standing committee has different positions, depending on the membership requirements outlined in their Terms of Reference. With the exception of the Senate Governance Committee, which is composed of Senate members, the rest have both non-senator and senator positions.

Throughout the year there are often non-senator vacancies available to students, faculty, and staff.

Non-Senate members on standing committees have two-year terms. This does not apply to ex-officio members. Non-Senate members may be renewed for additional terms.

Senate member terms are three year terms, and/or the term mirros their membership on Senate. Refer to the bylaws for full details.

Senate bylaws

Senate has 11 standing committeees that carry out the business of Senate. Read more below.

Standing Committees

Regular attendance and participation is expected of all members of the Senate standing committees. For more details, please review the Guidelines for Committee Members.