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UFV Records Retention Schedule and Classification System

UFV's Records Retention Schedule (UFV-RRS) and Classification System provides a listing of the types of records held by the University. The system is organized by the functions carried out at the University and the records that result from operational and administrative actions.

The directory is divided into two main groups:

  • Administrative Records - Records that support the “housekeeping” functions common to all university departments and units.
  • Operational Records - Records that support the unique mandates and operations of the departments and units within the University.

This system forms an hierarchical structure for the university's Records Retention Schedules (under development), and serves as as a file classification scheme for the organization of university records of all media types. The records retention schedules prescribe requirements for the length of time a university record must be retained and the appropriate means of disposal at the end of its lifecycle. Record retention schedules are not organized by department, rather they group records by university functions at the primary level and specific activities or transactions at the file (or secondary) level.

Administrative File Classification Functions

  • Local administration 
  • Buildings and properties
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Financial management
  • Human resources management
  • Information technology management

UFV's Records Retention Schedule and Classification System is under development. Check back for regular updates throughout 2021-2022.

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