Continuing Education

How to apply


Check the requirements

Check the UFV Academic Calendar and find your program. In the How to apply section, you will find a list of all requirements.

Depending on the program to which you wish to apply, you may need to provide high school transcripts or take a placement test.

Keyboarding assessment

If your program requires a typing test, you need to register for a keyboarding assessment at UFV before you can be accepted. UFV no longer accepts typing verification from other sources. 

View programs requiring a keyboard assessment. 

If your keyboarding speed does not meet the program requirement, consider signing up for an Online Keyboarding course.


Apply online

For fastest processing, apply online.

If you have never attended UFV, create a new account. If you have a UFV student account, log in using your 9-digit student number and password.

  1. Application type
    Use the dropdown arrow to choose CE-new or CE-retuning student
    Click "Continue"

  2. Admission terms
    Use the dropdown arrow to choose when you want to attend

  3. Fill out application
    You can click the information icon next to each field to view instructions.
    Enter your Full Name, Mailing Address and Phone, Personal Information, Citizenship & Language, High School, Program Choice, and Additional Questions, if applicable.
    Click "Continue"

  4. Click "Submit application"

All checkmarks must be completed before you can submit your application.


Wait to hear you have been accepted

After you apply, UFV confirms we've received your application by sending you an email within one to two weeks of your submission. The preliminary email will contain a G ID and information on how to access the UFV application portal. You can check your application status by logging into the UFV application portal at Use this portal to monitor the status of your application on myUFV, learn if you need to submit additional documents, or confirm that your application is complete.

Seats are offered to students with a complete application in the order they were received. An application is not considered complete until all documents are submitted. Review your myUFV checklist to ensure your application is complete. You will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar to your UFV student email to confirm that you have been admitted.


Get ready to attend UFV

You will receive an email at your myUFV student account from your program coordinator, six week prior to semester start. The email will provide you with all necessary information:

  • Dates and times for programs that require a mandatory orientation.
  • Details regarding tuition payment, textbooks and supplies you will need for the program.

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