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Continuing Education


Advanced English for Health Care

 Offered in partnership with Archway Community Services

This university preparatory course develops skills in the writing process, reading, critical thinking, literary analysis, research, grammar, and oral communications. Emphasis is placed on developing essay writing skills. Successful completion of this English course will help the student meet the language requirement for many of UFV’s health care training and education programs.

This course meets the language requirement for the following programs:

How to register:

1. Complete your English Language Assessment with Archway Community Services. Applicants must have one of the following:

  • Canadian Language Benchmark placement test (CLBPT) 7/8 with a score of 7 or higher
  • Completed LINC certificate with a score of 7 or higher

Contact Archway Language Assessment to register: or 604.309.4092.

2. Submit your application through BC Education Planner. Select Adult Basic Education (ABE) - No Application Fee.

Delivery method: Blended

Abbotsford — Clearbrook Centre

Sept 16–Dec 16, 2023 | 9:00 AM–1:30 PM, Saturdays

Blended format: In addition to attending in-person classes, students must complete 3 hours of weekly online work.

American Sign Language Prep I

This beginner conversational class is conducted completely in American sign Language. This practical approach enhances your learning and is the most effective way for non-Deaf people to learn to sign. This class also provides an introduction to Deaf culture.

American Sign Language Prep II

Build on what you learned in American Sign Language Prep I. Learn to tell or ask about families, practise language and grammar functions, give directions using special references, and master ordinal numbers.

American Sign Language Prep III

Start with a review of Prep I and II, including norms for getting attention, understanding the role of name signs, negotiating a signing environment, asking for repetition, meeting others, and gaining basic information about the daily lives of deaf people. Build on what you learnind in Prep II, and learn to make simple requests and give directions. Find out how to identify other people. Practice your numbers and develop a basic understanding of various types of verbs.

Spanish I

This beginner course is an excellent introduction to Spanish, the most widely spoken romance language in the world and one of United Nations' five official languages. Learn basic conversational Spanish and develop your vocabulary, in addition to gaining insight into Spanish culture.

Spanish II

Build on what you have learned in Spanish I, and develop your spoken Spanish. In addition, study Spanish grammar at an intermediate level.

Spanish III

For students wanting to continue studying Spanish beyond levels I and II.

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