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Keyboarding Online

Cost: $130

This 24-hour, online course will cover an introduction to letter keys, numbers, and symbols using a computer keyboard. Students are expected to login and practice at least twice a week to be successful. The software is designed to monitor speed, accuracy, and confidence and will also cover tips for proper keyboard positioning.

Purchase software Access Code at UFV Bookstore prior to class.


Delivery method: Online with no scheduled meeting times

Apr 12-Jul 4 | 20049

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Keyboarding Assessments

Cost: $25

As of January 1, 2017, Continuing Education no longer accepts third party keyboarding assessments for program admission.

Students applying to the following programs are required to submit a keyboarding assessment as part of their admissions criteria:

Required Typing Speeds
Continuing Education Program Net words per minute required
Nursing Unit Clerk 30
Medical Office Assistant 30
Dental Office Receptionist 30
Legal Administrative Assistant 40
Paralegal 60

Keyboarding Assessments have moved online. Certificate program students who have satisfied all other entrance requirements will be Conditionally Admitted to their program. They will be fully admitted once they have submitted proof that they meet their program’s minimum keyboarding speed.

Students may submit videos of their timings. The videos must meet these requirements:

  • Complete the Assessment through our online program
  • Timings are 5 minutes long and every error reduces the wpm by two (e.g., a 46 wpm timing with two errors would be a 42 net wpm timing).
  • Check that your hands, keyboard, and screen are visible
  • Introduce yourself (name and program)
  • Move the video recorder to show the timing information when done
  • The video must be seamless without any breaks in the recording

How to submit your video:

  • Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video site
  • Submit the video and copy of government issued picture ID, like driver’s licence (as verification of identity) to
  • Include your UFV student ID number and program in the email

40097 | Instructions will be sent within two business days after you register. 

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register

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